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Service summary

No Risk Recruitment provides online recruitment services including advertisement creation, advertisement placing across multiple online job boards and social media, search engine marketing, CV vetting, bespoke solutions and flat fee recruitment packages.

Acting on behalf

No Risk Recruitment act on the behalf of clients who purchase their services. All advertisements and communications are headed by the No Risk Recruitment brand and logos – we will not use the name or branding of our clients in any public medium. We share all proposed advertisements with the client prior to publication and ask our clients to ensure that all information is correct before information goes live. Therefore all content published on behalf of the client is the responsibility of the client. No Risk Recruitment cannot accept legal responsibility for any content advertised on behalf of a client.


A major strength of our service is our money-back guarantee. We are so confident in our service that we will offer you your money back if you don’t get enough CVs to fill your vacancy. In the event that you have received, after vetting, less than 50 qualified CVs then we will re-run your advert for free. After re-running your advert, if you have still not received 50 qualified CVs then we will refund you your fee in full.

It should be noted that our money back guarantee only applies to job vacancies that are offering a salary. Self-employed/Commission-only vacancies are not subject to refunds. The money back guarantee only applies to one advert per client/company. This applies to the job board advertising package only. Offer not extended to other recruitment agencies.


Use of the website and our services is entirely at your own risk. We give no warranty that the service or information provided will be error-free. The liability of No Risk Recruitment is limited to the price paid per service. This covers any liability regarding negligence, breaches in statutory duty, misrepresentation, and liability relating to issues of contract and tort.

No Risk Recruitment are not responsible for any businesses losses or expenses, as a result of, or, in relation to the purchase of our services.


Service prices are as advertised on the website or in individual contracts for bespoke solutions. All prices quoted exclude VAT. All payments are requested upfront unless otherwise agreed in a written contract. Invoices must be paid within 14 days of receipt. Failure to adhere to this instruction can result in termination or suspension of services and any agreed discounts may be withheld.


This agreement may be subject to amendment or modification at any time. All affected parties will be notified in writing of any increases in prices with 30 days notice. We aim to ensure that there is little change to agreed service contracts but sometimes this is not possible. Therefore, clients will not be notified of any changes to the range of job boards used.