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Everything you could ever need to know about recruitment agency fees - and No Risk Recruitment’s world leading Cost Per Application scheme


Everything you could ever need to know about recruitment agency fees - and No Risk Recruitment’s world leading Cost Per Application scheme

Do you have a job vacancy to fill in your company? Perhaps you’re thinking of approaching a recruitment agency, but aren’t sure about the fees? Then read on. 

Taking on new people can be a time consuming and expensive process, which can often make recruitment agencies very attractive. Cost can be a major consideration and every penny needs to work hard. But understanding how recruitment agencies work can help you on the path of choosing the one for you.

So recruitment agencies expect fee payment up front - correct?

Yes, usually. Recruitment agencies are the same as any business in that they expect payment for their services. But who should foot the cost?

In the UK, employers bear the responsibility for all recruiting fees. The job level and type of employment will usually determine the fee amount, but fees are typically applied on placement of the new candidate.

What is “contingency recruitment”?

Contingency recruitment is the most straightforward, common way of permanent recruitment. It’s where the recruitment agency gets paid only when a candidate is offered the job. 

Standard recruitment fees are typically between 15-20% of a new employee’s first annual salary, but this can be as much as 30% for positions that are difficult to fill.

What’s the main issue with contingency recruitment?

This way of working essentially involves a race to the finish, where recruitment agencies compete to be the first to offer a candidate. Whilst this certainly means roles can be filled very quickly, it gives a huge advantage to agencies that have the biggest databases of job seekers. It’s all about quantity, not quality of applicants and this is something that at No Risk Recruitment we’re very uncomfortable with. We believe that it’s about only putting forward the very best candidates; the ones that best match both the role and the wider company. We’ve believe that’s the key to success.

Do recruitment agencies expect any payment from candidates?

No - they’re not allowed to. Payments are made to the agency not by the candidate, but by the employer. So if any recruitment agencies are wishing to charge job seekers themselves for their service, then this is a big (illegal) red flag. Agencies are allowed to charge a fee if they wish to for extra services, like CV printing for example, but job sourcing should be offered totally free.

Will an agency offer a rebate if the candidate quits?

Agencies may decide to offer a rebate if a candidate decides to leave a company soon after they’re taken on. How much this will be can depend on several things, but the key point is there that they’re not legally bound to offer anything. This makes reading the T&Cs so important. 

If you're thinking about using a recruitment agency to fill a role at your company, it’s well worth doing your homework regarding how the fees work. This will help you to better decide what services would suit you, as well as offering improved peace of mind.

Can you avoid recruitment agency fees?

Unfortunately no - if you use a recruitment agency to find staff then you’ve committed to paying them their fees. Of course, using a recruitment agency is optional and you could go it alone if you wanted to. But not only is this likely to cost you can awful lot of time and hassle, it will be much more expensive longer term if you end up stuck with a bad hire.

Of course, the only real way to avoid agency fees is by using No Risk Recruitment’s Cost Per Application (CPA) scheme.

What is the Cost Per Application (CPA) scheme and how is it different?

No Risk Recruitment believes that recruitment should be as risk-free as possible. It should be a smooth, interactive process where time and money aren’t wasted on the wrong applicants.

But why pay a one-off sum to advertise your vacancy with no guarantee of success? With CPA you don’t have to.

Cost Per Application scheme is our brand new, progressive pricing offer. It’s simple, straightforward and is the first of its kind.

When you advertise a job with us, you’ll pay nothing up front. Once you’ve told us exactly the type of employee you’re looking for, simply sit back and let us do the rest. After that, we promise to only charge you each time you receive a well-qualified, genuine application - it’s a fixed fee of just £6.50.

Using the latest technology and AI optimisation, we ensure that only the highest standard applicants are considered. No sifting through those which are unsuitable or poorly qualified; we will search far and wide to find the most promising candidates so saving you time, money and hassle.

Ok so CPA is cost effective - but just how cost effective?

At No Risk Recruitment we know that every penny spent needs to work its very hardest. By using our new CPA fixed fee service, you can look forward to a more economical way of job advertising compared to traditional methods.

What do I get for my money?

It’s really quick and simple. Just post your advert(s) FREE on our industry leading website then log in to your personal online dashboard where you can access correspondence and see who’s applied. You can even choose a maximum number of applications you would like to receive, so you’ll never be billed for more than you want to pay.

What kinds of businesses does No Risk Recruitment specialise in?

Quite simply, we offer professional, cost effective recruitment solutions for small to medium size businesses across the UK. This includes working directly employers and alongside other agencies too. We tailor-make our services to exactly fit your requirements, and to ensure your vacancies are filled quickly, easily and with the perfect candidate first time.

How can you guarantee the quality of the candidates you send over?

Paying £6.50 for totally the wrong candidate is a waste of everyone’s time - and of course, money. 

We guarantee to only send you the best applications for you to consider and will filter out the rest. We do this by using the latest and most advanced algorithms on the market, offering the strongest candidate targeting in the industry to make finding the perfect new employee easier than ever. Our candidate reach stretches across over 2000 sources including job boards, social media, job aggregators and passive candidate targeting.

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