Why You Should Use a Flat Rate Recruitment Agency

Forward-thinking companies are embracing the benefits of growing their workforce using flat rate recruitment agencies. Flat rate recruitment agencies charge a single fee to post vacancies across a wide range of the most popular online job boards. Some have even started to target social media sites. They then gather and sort applications before supplying companies with the most suitable pool of candidates for the position.

In short, using flat fee recruitment agencies saves time, money and administration. It also allows the vacancy to be as far-reaching as possible, maximising access to those searching for work online.

In the current economic climate, businesses need to predict and budget accordingly for recruitment costs. Businesses also need to advertise in a way that targets the modern internet-savvy job-hunter. A flat fee avoids the mounting costs and administration of individually targeting different websites and advertising mediums. It also avoids agonising about which job board to target or how to co-ordinate applications arriving from a variety of sources. Flat fee recruitment agencies can offer bespoke services with everything from helping to design the advert, to ensuring your vacancy appears prominently on search engines. This way, there is no need for you to be a recruitment expert to find the best employees for your business.

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