Why Should You Provide Feedback?

Letting candidates know why they were unsuccessful is more than just good manners.  Hearing nothing can often be more upsetting than hearing something constructive.  However, it is not an easy thing to do.  Some interviewers do not feel comfortable doing this and this is frequently cited as the reason why feedback is not given.  Below are a few reasons why feedback should be an important part of your recruitment process.

Reputation – disgruntled interviewees tell other people.  Those that felt valued and informed by the process will also tell other people.  

For future posts – be honest about where their gaps are and give useful tips on further training that they may need.  If they simply don’t interview well, advise them on where they went wrong.  Even if they never apply for a job with your company again, they will leave with more confidence and a positive opinion of your business.

For other roles – whilst they may not be the strongest candidate for that role, they may be a strong contender for another role that they might not yet have considered or one that you have not yet released.  Interviewees will welcome the recommendation to apply for something else, it reassures them that it is their skills not their personality that didn’t quite fit.

To improve your own processes – feedback can be a two-way process.  It is not common practice, but asking your interviewees to feedback on the application and interview experience can be a real eye-opener.  You need to know how the company is perceived by those who apply and what you could do to improve things.

There are lots of great websites for tips on how to give useful feedback.  See http://keepinghrsimple.co.uk/services/recruitment/giving-feedback/

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