Why is it Important to Recruit the Right Staff?

It sounds obvious but, recruitment is more than just filling a post.  A great appointment should really add something to your business; a bad appointment can create far more trouble than an empty desk ever could.  Below are some key reasons to search for that perfect match and a few tips to help you:

  •          A positive attitude – This permeates every part of your business – from the way that a customer is greeted, or the way that a telephone call from a client is dealt with, to the way that internal and external communications are written.  Being helpful and polite cannot be ascertained easily from a job application; however, there are ways to see this at interview.  Some companies design co-operation tasks or even watch to see if interview candidates help each other out with getting the coffees.  However you find it, a positive attitude will impress anyone within or in contact with your business.
  •          Fit for the future – consider how you see your employee’s future and how this fits with where your business is heading.  This is particularly important for small businesses and entrepreneurs who will have very few staff and often a very fast progression rate.  Here, it is important to draw up a workforce plan – consider how your wage bill may grow as staff go through performance management, consider their key responsibilities for the next 3 months and then how these may change as they hit six or even twelve months with your company.
  •          Growing your ethos – if you are a new business, hiring the right staff can really help you to set a precedent for the values that you hope to foster in your entire workforce for years to come.  Ensure that you are sure about the ethos that best fits your business and have this as the backbone of your recruitment process.

For more great tips see   http://humanresources.about.com/od/recruiting/tp/recruiting_employee.htm


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