Why Curry’s Got It Wrong

You know the feeling – butterflies in the stomach, a head full of prepared answers, that presentation that took weeks to prepare. The interview is one of the most stressful events in anyone’s career. It is your one chance to shine, to stand out and secure that next big move.

What you don’t expect is what happened to university graduate and camera fanatic Alan Bacon. After months of job hunting, Alan went to an interview at the Currys Megastore in Cardiff for the position of Sales Assistant. Alan was left humiliated and distressed, when, instead of having the chance to express his skills and enthusiasm for electronics to a professional panel, Alan was instructed to make up a dance as part of a group interview task. Rather than answering questions on his suitability for a role as a Sales Assistant, Alan ended up doing a robotics dance to a song by Daft Punk.

Of course, in one of the most competitive job markets for decades, it is not surprising that companies are finding more and more innovative ways to select the best candidates from an ever-expanding pool of jobseekers. What Currys did wrong was forgetting why they were there – it is one thing to push people outside of their comfort zone and see how they work as a team, it is quite another to create tasks that are irrelevant to the demands of the advertised position and cause unnecessary anxiety and embarrassment.

An interview should allow candidates to showcase their suitability for a post, demonstrate an enthusiasm for the industry and express their personal qualities as a potential colleague. It is the responsibility of the employer to offer all interviewees a fair chance to do this.

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