Why are Reference Checks Important?

Reference checking is a standard and seemingly mundane part of the recruitment process for employers, yet it has understated importance and can make a massive difference to a successful appointment.  Additionally, failure to do this thoroughly could prove costly.  Here are a few reasons why you should ensure that you carry out a relevant and detailed reference check process:

  •          Verify skills and experience – of course, here you can double-check training and experience stated on a CV, but it can be more than this.  Some people ask reference questions about a potential employee’s attitude, team behavior and whether they would consider employing that person again.  A telephone conversation could also be fruitful – questions such as ‘tell me about a time when Julie excelled under pressure’ could give real insight into what you could expect from a candidate.
  •          Explore inconsistencies and gaps in employment – if an interviewee is vague about aspects of their employment history, you may feel more comfortable after getting confirmation from someone else as to why they left a previous post or why they may have had extended periods of absence.
  •          Establish trust and fairness within your hiring processes – your reputation will be boosted if applicants can see that you follow through promptly and efficiency with the paperwork side of your recruitment.  It also shows that you are taking them and their potential within your business seriously.
  •          Verify the identities and legitimacy of referees –online polls have shown that as well as embellishing a CV, a common deceit amongst job applicants is citing friends and relatives as fake previous employers.  Whilst it can be quite useful to use friends as character references, one must be cautious if a referee does not seem genuine.

For advice on how to conduct an effective reference check see https://www.go2hr.ca/articles/conducting-effective-reference-checks

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