Why a Career in Sales Could Be the Stepping Stone To Great Things

What is a career in sales?

There is a wealth of different types of sales jobs out there and the variety can seem overwhelming to a new entrant to the sector.  Careers include retail, healthcare sales, IT sales, property sales, utilities/fuel sales, telesales, financial and insurance products.  The great thing about a career in sales is that wherever you start, you gain transferable skills that make you employable across this diverse sector.

What skills can you gain from working in sales?

Some of the most desirable skills in business stem from skills developed in sales positions.  Sales careers are stated as one of the best career starting points for future business leaders and entrepreneurs (http://www.forbes.com/sites/meghancasserly/2012/09/25/the-10-best-careers-for-wannabe-entrepreneurs/).  Working in sales helps to forge skills such as developing strategies, taking risks, leading teams, as well as developing an understanding of consumer trends, economics and marketing.

Even entry-levels sales positions enable you to shadow or be part of managerial processes such as team meetings and working to targets.  All sales jobs develop your skills of communication with customers and/or suppliers, understanding promotions and working under pressure.

What’s more, there are lots of directly relevant qualifications that many companies encourage you to complete – from level 1 through to and beyond graduate level qualifications – great for those without formal higher education qualifications http://www.ismm.co.uk/ed_qcfquals.php.

Where could a career in sales lead?

Well, the possibilities are endless – all it takes is hard work and ambition.  Whether you want to make a success of an independent small business, manage a franchise or work in the development and marketing of large international brands, sales experience puts you in a great position to move up the career ladder.  With the huge variety of sales experiences available in the sector, the chances to move around and develop business skills are considerable.  If you look at the founders and leaders of our biggest brands, most will have started in sales.  A career in sales really is a stepping stone to an exciting future.

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