What is Flat Fee Recruitment?

Flat Fee Recruitment is a relatively new method for employers to find new recruits and fast! Over the past years, it has become extremely popular with both small and large companies, having allowed them to exploit all the benefits that online media has to offer.

Flat Fee Recruitment basically means that the cost of recruiting is fixed, so the added benefit for the employer, is that the cost per hire is decided at the beginning of the process, allowing better financial budgeting. It is also highly cost effective for employers due to the reduction of time spent doing administration, advertising for jobs and CV filtering and screening, which can be a rather laborious task! And with the current global economy, there is never a greater time to take advantage of such a resourceful process. Fortunately, this innovative technique is one that Seven Acorns are recommended specialists in.

In addition to streamlining the recruitment process, Seven Acorns will write a detailed job advert, inject it into the mass and niche markets and then filter through all the relevant candidates to you, the employer. It is then under your discretion how many of them you contact, interview and employ, and can all be done without the worry of additional charges. Flat Fee Recruitment really is that simple!

So let Seven Acorns help you to reap the benefits of the online network, so you can optimise the quality of your workforce in no time at all!

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