Using Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

Using social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to recruit staff. Companies have long been using social media to look up applicants. But now, more and more businesses are posting their vacancies on social media job boards. Not only are they maximising exposure by ensuring their adverts are on the most visited social media sites on the planet, they are also employing the power of online ‘friendships’ – colleagues and friends can share posts and do the head-hunting for them! Sites such as LinkedIn also enable endorsements and recommendations from other professionals. A great example is Adobe who find the majority of their new staff through social media.

As a single company, effective use of social media can be time-consuming and complex to manage. However, recruitment companies readily use Job Feeds to expose vacancies to a variety of the most popular social media sites. As vacancies go live on a recruitment company’s online job board, a job feed is automatically distributed to sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Customised hashtags can further increase exposure. Recruitment teams can then engage in ‘social recruiting’ – answering queries, providing information, building relationships with potential applicants and directing people towards the most suitable vacancies.

Forward thinking applicants are also upping their game – creating online career profiles to build a professional network and build their online ‘brand’. Companies want to know more than just your CV – they want to know how you live your life and the things that are important to you.

Today, the technology-savvy workforce are looking for companies that work in the same way that they do – social media is fast becoming the first point in any job search.


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