What to do When the Students Leave – How to Fill those Awkward Student Roles

What happens to cities when universities finish for the summer?

Summer arrives, and cities across the UK are awash with festivals and al fresco drinking and dining.  Whilst it is a great time for tourism, university cities face a sudden drain in the student labour market as students give up work to study for exams and then return home or go travelling for the summer. 

Conversely, the opposite happens in other town and cities where returning students flood the market.  Indeed, the Office of National Statistics states that students are more likely to be employed in the summer than at any other time of the year. The biggest sectors affected by this labour shift are retail and catering.  (www.ons.gov.uk‘economic inactivity by students’ Keith Tyrell)

How can you capitalise on these student vacancies?

Many companies are successfully filling student vacancies with the large pool of students leaving Sixth Forms across the city.  Most will be over 18 and keen to earn some money before they head off to university or to help fund future gap year plans.  Such students often lose out to university students during term time but are willing and ready to gain some work experience in the summer.  Forward-thinking companies are recruiting in Sixth Form centres and colleges, harnessing the power of social media to attract this newly skilled and enthusiastic demographic.

Cities will also have their own returning students who are studying at universities elsewhere.  The beauty of targeting school-leavers is that those heading off to university in the autumn are likely to return each summer.  In this economic climate, loyalty and a bit of appreciation counts for a lot.  By employing those in or leaving further education, you are building connections that could help to fill student roles for many summer and Christmas seasons to come.

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