How Do You Start Searching for a Job

With the New Year come new plans and a determination to move forward or make a fresh start.  It is easy to get swept up in the rush and simply start sending your CV out – however, experts advise against this, and instead, recommend a more considered start to a job search.  Here are a few pointers to make your job search more successful:

  1.  Do your research – Decide your sector and look at sector specific careers sites and recruitment agencies or industry magazines to identify current trends and buzzwords for the kinds of jobs and companies that you aspire to work for.  Work out what kinds of jobs are currently being advertised and be sure that you are aware of where your qualifications could take you and the future salary that you could reach.
  1.  Use your research to boost your CV and online presence – use key words from your research to boost your CV and ensure that your LinkedIn profile is optimized for searching.  By using buzzwords relating to your preferred role as well as your skills and qualification, you increase your chances of being near the top of search results if companies are actively using LinkedIn to recruit.  For your CV, ensure that your CV is tailored towards the essential and desirable criteria of roles that interest you and be prepared to adjust this for every job that you apply for. Make sure that all of your details (and those of your referees) are up-to-date.  This is crucial online too – ensure that online profiles are completed and that you have active endorsements or reference statements. For more advice on creating a great  profile on LinkedIn see
  1.  Get connected – Start the search by contacting online job boards and industry-specific job boards and recruitment agencies.  Follow brands and companies on social media and find out if there are any recruitment events or industry fairs coming up.
  1.  Protect your professionalism – as you boost your online presence, be mindful of your other social media profiles and ensure that your privacy settings are high and that any posts and photos that can be found are respectful.
  1.  Be speculative and proactive – consider sending speculative letters out to companies that you wish to work for.  For further advice on this see

With all of these things in place, you are already best placed to make that next career move.  Ensure that you have the time and energy to dedicate to this process as the rewards to be gained could be life-changing.

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