Start Recruitment for Christmas

Whilst we might not be getting the tinsel out just yet, companies are striving to get ahead of the game by addressing their Christmas staffing needs now. It is estimated that around 73,000 temporary vacancies are advertised here in the UK in the run-up to the festive period – that’s a lot of competition for the most reliable workers.

As most retail, catering and service businesses expected a dramatic increase in productivity at this time of year, qualities such as working to a deadline, punctuality and efficiency become even more important. Put simply, you have to recruit early to snap up the most organised and productive staff.

With up to 20% of temporary Christmas positions becoming permanent in the New Year, attracting the highest calibre of temporary workers could make a long-term impact on your business. Workers need to be ready to adapt to a fast-paced and varied environment. Therefore it is no surprise that many companies are not only starting the Christmas recruitment process earlier, they are also offering additional incentives such as immediate staff discount, progression opportunities and specialist training to ensure they stand out from the competition and attract the best candidates.

Consider how your seasonal recruitment strategy can differ from, and compliment your approach during the rest of the year. Starting seasonal recruitment early allows you to hire and train staff in groups, reducing the cost of training and induction processes. Training can be given before the busiest weeks arrive, enabling your staff to grow in confidence and be ready for the rush. It is also a great opportunity to give those applicants a chance that may not have the experience that you usually require – their enthusiasm and willingness to learn can be a real asset when the pressure is on.

Recruiting effectively and in good time this festive season will help to ensure that, whatever surprises might be under the tree, your workforce is one thing that you won’t need to worry about.

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