Why a Solid Secruitment Policy is the Backbone to Many Businesses

As we all know, your staff are the key to the success of your business – drawing in, retaining and managing great workers are the centre-pin of this.  This is why your recruitment policy is so important.  Here are some key things that a solid recruitment policy should contain:

A commitment to training – an organization should be willing to ensure that all personnel involved in the recruitment process are given sufficient training and staff development to enhance this vital function.  Continual progression will help to keep your business and its reputation for recruitment one step ahead.

A commitment to fairness – the translation of employment law and equal opportunities into practical steps needs to be explicit.  It is the responsibility of all involved to treat applicants fairly therefore it should be very clear exactly how these requirements will be put into action.

Clear roles and responsibilities of all HR and related personnel – this should also include those involved in the administration of advertising and the interviewers themselves.

A complete process – the entirety of the recruitment process should be outlined.  This ranges from evaluating the need for new positions against the strategic plans of the company, processes for role changes and strategies to attract under-represented groups to your workplace.  It should then detail every part of the advertising, selection and interview process right up to and including induction processes.

A fair and efficient recruitment process can make a huge difference to the reputation of your company.  Word of mouth is a powerful thing – job seekers who are treated well by you and your team will speak favorably of you to others even if their application is not successful.  Word spreads even faster if their experience is negative.

For a great example of a solid recruitment policy, see http://www.york.ac.uk/admin/hr/resources/policy/recruitment.htm#41

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