How Seven Acorns is Helping Companies in the Middle East with Their Recruitment

Seven Acorns has recently partnered with a variety of recruitment companies based in the Middle East in prosperous cities such as Kuwait and Dubai and are helping them to find quality British workers.

What are the benefits for UK jobseekers of working in the Middle East?

British workers can enjoy and really benefit from working abroad, particularly in the Middle East.  Rates of pay and tax incentives tend to be a major incentive to enthusiastic and ambitious Brits.  It is a chance to travel the world and boost your experience – working abroad shows confidence, resilience and adaptability – attractive qualities on any CV.

Companies seeking to recruit talented British workers tend to have established teams and links with the local ex-pat communities which means that workers can enjoy some familiarity whilst, at the same time, developing their communication skills with other cultures.

How does this benefit businesses in the Middle East?

From an industry point of view, an international presence, particularly with British workers in senior roles can really help to boost the international profile of a business, increasing access to clients and new products from around the world.  For those climbing the career ladder, it is a chance to develop and international presence for themselves and to build networks outside of the UK.

Some sectors have a particular need for seeking employees outside of their own culture.  For example, many Muslim countries have skills shortages within sectors such as the hair and beauty industry. For cultural reasons, there are very few local professionals in this industry – companies tend to recruit from abroad.  The opportunities are far more wide-reaching than these sectors however – as more and more international companies choose to locate offices in the Middle East, the diversity of roles in major businesses from all sectors continues to grow,

How can Seven Acorns help businesses in the Middle East?

Seven Acorns can post and co-ordinate international vacancies across the most popular online job boards in the UK.  Their specialist team can filter candidates according to suitability and even arrange interviews.  With established links across the Middle East, Seven Acorns is perfectly placed to help businesses abroad and jobseekers in the UK.

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    This is very helpful, There are some great opportunities in Dubai. Me and my partner are looking to relocate their in the future.

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