The Savings that Flat Fee Recruitment Can Offer Compared to Traditional Recruitment Companies

Why are fewer businesses using traditional recruitment companies?
There are now, more ways than ever to advertise a vacant position.  Most job-hunters search for vacancies online and there is a vast array of online job boards to choose from.  Targeting individual sites alongside methods such as newspapers and centre-displays really adds up – each source charges a fee to run an advert and traditional recruitment agencies pass all of these costs onto the customer.  The total cost of recruitment can then spiral if a post is not filled quickly.  Unpredictability is one thing most businesses strive to avoid when planning their recruitment budget.
How can flat fee recruitment save you money?
Flat fee recruitment charges a single price to post advertisements across a wide range of the most visited online job boards including the most popular for particular sectors and niche roles.  Flat fee recruitment companies can also filter applicants according to suitability and co-ordinate the interview selection process.  Some companies can even help with organizing the interviews themselves.  This reduces both costs and administration. 
Flat fee recruitment companies buy advertising space in bulk so can pass on savings directly to the customer – the flat fee is therefore much cheaper as well as much more predictable than using traditional recruitment companies.  Many forward-thinking businesses are realizing the advantages of a fixed cost recruitment package.  It allows companies to make their vacancy advertisements as far-reaching as possible for the lowest price, a best-value option perfectly matched to the current economic climate.

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