No Risk – A Safe Stress Free Way to Get Maximum Exposure for your Job Vacancies by Advertising them Across all of the Leading Job Boards

What are the key challenges of recruitment today?

Advertising a job vacancy is often viewed as a business risk – money is spent on recruitment without any guarantee that an ideal candidate will see your advertisement, apply and accept your job.  Along with this, the wealth of social media and internet recruitment sources can be overwhelming to any business looking to keep up with the modern job-seeker.  Therefore a key challenge is maximising and targeting exposure to your advert whilst minimising the risk of wasting your recruitment expenditure on a campaign that does not result in successfully filling the post.

Why is No Risk Recruitment a safer option for your business?

Put simply, No Risk Recruitment removes the risk of running an unsuccessful advertisement.   They do this by offering the three most effective and efficient strategies for filling any vacancy:

1.       A flat-fee package – one low price to advertise across multiple job boards

2.       Advertising across the most popular job boards – No Risk Recruitment will post an advert on the largest job boards and social media websites across the UK including Reed, CV Library, Total Jobs, Fish 4 Jobs, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

3.       A money-back guarantee – No Risk Recruitment has complete confidence in their promise to find you at least 100 qualified and vetted applicants for your advertised post within 28 days.  If not, they will continue to re-run your advert for free.  In the event that this quota is still not filled, they will refund your fee in full.

Therefore, No Risk Recruitment is exactly that – it is a recruitment guarantee.  Better than that, the promise is based on quality and suitability rather than just reaching a quota.  No Risk Recruitment takes the worry out of recruitment.

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