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No Risk – why a money back guarantee is the safest way to use a recruitment agency

Why choose a recruitment agency with a money back guarantee?

The simple answer is confidence and cost.  No Risk Recruitment has complete confidence in their promise to find you at least 100 qualified and vetted applicants for your advertised post within 28 days.  If not, they will continue to re-run your advert for free.  In the event that this quota is still not filled, they will refund your fee in full. If a company is this confident in their recruitment abilities, you can be too.

Why is a money back guarantee the safest choice for your business?

Advertising any vacancy costs money.  Yes, there are some very economic options out there, such as flat-fee recruitment, but if an advertisement does not result in a filled vacancy, this is a waste of both time and money for your business.  By using a flat fee recruitment agency with a money back guarantee, you also know that the team will put maximum effort into advertising your vacancy as widely as possible and on ensuring that their selection are vetted on their suitability as this is what their promise depends on.

What ‘money back guarantee’ deals are available?

Indeed, offering a money back guarantee is now a key feature of many online recruitment agencies.  The conditions of this guarantee vary greatly – some, like No Risk Recruitment, focus on your required candidate pool to ensure a great selection to choose from, others guarantee to replace or re-advertise any appointed person who leaves your company within the first few weeks.  Your business needs will determine your preference here.  However, it is hoped that by focusing on the former, you avoid the latter.

In the current economic climate, unnecessary risk is something that most businesses are trying to avoid.  Risk needs to be saved for creativity and new ideas, not for administration costs.

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