The No Risk Recruitment Vision

What does the future hold for recruitment companies?

Recruitment is changing, job hunting is changing.  With the vast array of web and social media sources available for recruitment, recruitment companies now have a very different task to complete when it comes to finding you the most suitable applicants for your business.  The modern job-hunter searches a range of online job boards and exploits social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter  – both to find vacancies, and to market themselves as a potential applicant.  Recruitment companies need to be able to advertise widely yet also coordinate, filter and streamline applications from across this ever-expanding online pool.

It is envisioned that over the next 10 years, recruitment will see a great shift away from traditional high-billing agencies towards more cost-effective solutions such as flat-fee packages and solutions that cover a wide range of multi-media platforms.  This is particularly good news for small to medium-sized businesses as packages become easier to budget for with higher certainty of success.

What should you look for in a forward-thinking recruitment agency?

First on the list should be transparency in pricing – a flat-fee that is agreed upon at the outset.  Rather than sending your vacancy to individual online job boards like Reed and Total Jobs, pick a recruitment specialist who can post your advert on many job boards at a much reduced cost compared to applying to each separately.  For smaller businesses especially, this kind of predictability can make a huge difference to the recruitment process

The second thing to look for is a guarantee.  Several companies are now offering money-back guarantees if they cannot find an agreed number of suitable applicants or if an appointed person does not take up the post.  Look for promises of quality in terms of suitable matches rather than promises based on quotas alone.

The final thing is screening.  A good recruitment company should be able to hand select those applicants that best fit your criteria and will co-ordinate responses from many media sources.  Some will even help with the interview process.

Agencies such as No Risk Recruitment are a new kind of recruitment agency – designed to make recruitment as easy and effective as possible and making the most of the latest tools to do this.


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