What is the No Risk Recruitment Money Back Guarantee?

No Risk Recruitment are one of the first recruitment agencies in the UK to be so confident in their ability to fill positions effectively that they are prepared to promise exactly that.  Unlike other recruitment agencies claiming to offer a similar deal, No Risk Recruitment’s guarantee is based on quality as well as quantity.  They screen applicants thoroughly for suitability and if, after vetting, a vacancy has not generated at least 100 qualified and suitable applicants in 28 days, they will re-run the advert for free.  If this quota is still not reached, the client will receive their money back.

What are the benefits of choosing a recruitment agency that offers a money-back guarantee?

For small and large businesses alike, recruiting can be costly and unpredictable.  A money-back guarantee means that there is no waste – all money spent on recruitment results in a large pool of suitable candidates.  Not only does this save money, but it also saves time and administration in terms of re-advertising.  In an uncertain economy, being able to predict and budget for your recruitment costs puts you one step ahead.

A money-back guarantee offers piece of mind – it shows that a recruiter is willing to put maximum effort into giving businesses the very best candidates for their vacant position.  Vetting for suitability shows that they value their reputation as an effective and quality-focused company rather than simply recruiting by numbers.  Guaranteeing your vacancies means worry-free, no risk recruitment for your business.

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