Reemploying Old Staff

What are the advantages of welcoming back previous staff?

Put simply, they understand you and they get what your company is all about.  They won’t need a lot of training to get up to speed with your processes and IT systems.  This is great, especially when people return after seeking further education opportunities and want to return and progress to a higher level.

What are the advantages for workers returning to a former place of employment?

This works both ways – employees can start a position knowing that their skills and values are understood – this makes performance management and induction training much simpler than with other new recruits.  If employees have been out of the workplace for reasons such as travel or raising a family, this can also provide a welcome sense of familiarity.

How can you effectively integrate previous employees back into your workforce?

Obviously employment law and HR policies require you to adhere to all of the same procedures as if you were employing somebody completely new.  Here are a few key things that you need to know in order to ensure that the re-introduction goes smoothly:

  •  Previous employees should apply for posts in the same way as new applicants – the requirements of the roles and the technical or IT expertise may have moved on since their last contract with you.  It is important to ensure that they still meet the job requirements.
  •  Follow fair recruitment procedures at all stages – your reasoning at every point should be transparent and justified.
  •  Be aware of guidelines regarding their reasons for leaving their last period of employment with you – usually, if a person has been made redundant and not re-deployed elsewhere within the company, they cannot be reemployed with you for at least 12 months.  If they left for health reasons, they may need a formal health assessment before restarting.  Many companies will not re-employ anyone who has been dismissed for misconduct.

Lastly, if former employees want to return, this reflects well on your company and your ethos.  This kind of positive word-of-mouth recommendation will also keep your company image favorable in the eyes of job-seekers everywhere, old and new.

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