The Recruitment Needs of the British Manufacturing Industry

Why work in manufacturing?

The British manufacturing industry offers a wealth of opportunities at all levels of experience and qualification.  Working in this sector enables you to develop technical expertise in product development and production as well as transferable skills including process management, supply chain management, team leadership, computer-aided design, health and safety and quality control.  There are many related opportunities in machine maintenance and repair, engineering, logistics and business management.

Britain excels in manufacturing.  Historically, most of the world’s major manufacturing successes stem from the UK industrial revolution.  Manufacturing has come a long way in the last 50 years – workers now work with the latest technology in a rapidly changing environment.

Top manufacturing sectors in the UK include aerospace, automotive manufacture, chemical manufacturing, construction, defense, electronics and food and drink manufacturing.  The latest statistics show that average wages in the sector are higher than the rest of the UK economy (

What do British manufacturing companies need?

Recruitment in British manufacturing is growing.  The 2014 budget brings even greater promise for this sector  – incentives for businesses and apprenticeship providers indicate that recruitment in manufacturing could now grow at the fastest rate for more than a decade: (

There are shortages in skilled workers/technical roles as well as in more general labor.  Companies are keen to recruit school-leavers and attract more women to these sectors.  UK companies need to compete in a global market so companies need innovative workers who can adapt to new technology and understand the complete production cycle as more sectors move towards a holistic customer-focused way of delivering services.

Is a career in manufacturing for you?

To succeed in this diverse industry, it would be useful to have an interest in attention to detail, working with your hands, understanding how things work and be open to working creatively and innovatively.  Whether you are interested in the technical aspect or in businesses and production processes, there are many job opportunities in manufacturing and many more predicted in the near future.


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