Recruitment for Care Homes

Recruitment for care home staff can be very expensive and time-consuming. This is why so many care homes, including large chains are realising the benefits of using flat fee recruiters.

People are living longer but with more complex health needs. The demand for care home staff is growing (the number of places will need to double over the next 20 years to cope with our ageing population). Centres are under pressure to expand to accommodate more residents, therefore requiring more staff. Couple this with the fact that care homes have one of the fastest staff turnover rates of any sector, and it is no surprise that the costs of recruitment in this sector are particularly high and are steadily increasing.

Care homes are faced with ongoing budget cuts and instruction to provide better training and higher wages in order to provide the best care and to meet government inspection guidelines. Spending money advertising every vacancy across a variety of online job boards and traditional outlets can really add up and can reduce the amount of money left over to support staff and provide a good service.

Flat fee recruitment companies such as seven acorns have recognised this need and have tailored a solution to maximise advertising exposure whilst reducing costs. Companies pay a flat fee to have their vacancy posted on a wide range of popular job sites (at a cost much lower than instructing each job site individually). All candidates are then screened for suitability by a recruitment team and the details of the best candidates are then sent directly to the care home. As well as reducing costs, flat fee recruitment also reduces administration time and provides some predictability for the care home recruitment budget.

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