How to Prepare for an Interview

If you are searching for job interview preparation tips online, you really are spoilt for choice! Here are some great sites for resources and tips plus a few extra of our own!

As you can see from the above, there are two key things to focus on when preparing for a job interview – knowing the role, knowing your own strengths and weaknesses.  You are likely to be questioned directly on the essential and desirable skills listed in the job specification – here you need to be ready to use their buzzwords and your relevant experience to be able to give well-evidenced answers, even if you know that it is already in your CV.  Another top tip is to bring a few extra copies of your CV with you – so many candidates report that they get asked for this when the interview starts, bring enough for everyone on the interview panel and one for yourself.

Don’t underestimate the power of first impressions either – your arrival, your body language and your clothing set the scene far more than your CV in terms of your suitability and fit with a potential employer.

Many people ask a few token questions at the end of an interview as all of the guidance tells you so.  But what if you could really impress in this part of the interview?  A great question asked by a friend recently was ‘what do you think my greatest challenges would be in this role?’ – This is a chance to find out what issues they have spotted in your CV or interview that could count against you in the decision process.  This is a fantastic opportunity to challenge these at the outset and hopefully convince them otherwise!

Preparation and rehearsal leads to confidence and finesse in the interview.  However, sometimes gut instinct can be the greatest indicator of all as to whether it is the right job for you – you are examining them as much as they are examining you, first impressions work both ways!

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