Online Recruitment- Why More and More Companies are Using Online Recruitment Instead of Traditional Recruitment Agencies

What are the advantages of online recruitment?

 Many companies now only recruit online due to the ease of administration and the wide pool of applicants that it gives them access to. One of the greatest advantages is speed – potential applicants can see a vacancy as soon as it becomes available and apply straight away.

 Cost is another important factor that is driving forward-thinking businesses to online recruitment.  Businesses today are under exceptional pressure to cut costs. Recruiting new staff is often at the top of the list of expenses and can often occur unexpectedly. The cost of posting adverts across a variety of traditional media outlets such as newspapers, job centres or using face to face recruitment consultants can really add up. Research shows that most candidates in the job market now turn to online job boards to find that perfect job.

 It is also a great way for those advertising for posts requiring niche or specialist skills to ensure that their advert is seen by as many relevant jobseekers as possible. Online recruitment agencies can even target and select the most suitable candidates for each vacancy, selecting only those who match the criteria, greatly reducing the time and costs incurred by traditional recruitment methods.

 Businesses, in remote or rural areas in particular, can find it difficult to get their vacancies seen by those willing to travel or move for that perfect post. Through online recruitment, small companies have access to a much wider pool of enthusiastic and qualified people.

 What can online recruitment companies provide?

 There are online agencies which specialise in recruiting for particular sectors, for example, the hair and beauty industry – they know the industry and the recognised qualifications. They can knowledgeably assess the skills and experience of applicants and even ‘trade test’ them before passing you the most appropriate applicants.  Other online recruitment agencies recruit across many sectors at all levels of the workforce.

 Some innovative businesses have taken this one step further and avoided the need to send their vacancies to each online recruitment agency separately. Many companies are realising the benefits of online flat-fee recruitment where businesses can pay a set price to post their advert across all of the major online job boards in the industry. For the first time, companies can budget exactly for their recruitment costs no matter how big the field or how long the time-scale.

 Advertising your vacancy online leaves you time to focus on what matters – your customers and your business, knowing that your advert is as far-reaching as possible.

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