New Year New You – Is January the Time to Look for a New Career?

More Britons search for a new job in January than in any other month of the year.  The biggest peaks within January are the first few days back in the office after New Year, and searches peak again at the end of the month when the much-needed pay cheque arrives.

But, is it really the best time to search?

For job-seekers, January can be a great time to start the search.  After the holidays are over, companies refocus on their business needs for the coming year.  Often, this can mean the creation of innovative posts and the release of new budgets for recruitment and expansion. 

You have had time to reflect, and are better-placed to really know what you want from your future, thus increasing your chances of finding a post that can take you forwards in your career rather than a sideways move.  Time is on your side – the lack of distractions in January means that you can throw all of your energy into making impressive applications and wowing in the interview room.

For employers, this is also great news.  The wealth of potential employees viewing their advertisements means that they are more likely to have a large pool of suitably qualified applicants to choose from than any other time of the year and they can really find the best person for their business.  The office is busy again and the full team are available to ensure that the recruitment process is as efficient as possible.

So where do you start?

The most effective searches start before you begin to resent your current job.  Upload your CV early, get to know the recruitment agencies and sites for your sector and location and by the time the days get lighter, you could be ticking off that New Year’s resolution to find that perfect job.

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