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Joe Boll

General Manager

Background: Joe is a seasoned entrepreneur, initially making his big
break in the telecoms industry. Joe has since diverted into the recruitment sector
and is now running No Risk a successful recruitment business.

At home: Joe is a fitness fanatic, a typical bachelor who can’t cook
and eats out 5 times a week .

Email: [email protected]

Joe on LinkedIn


Tabetha Brown

Administration Manager

Background: Tabetha has 18yrs Nursing & Healthcare background the
last 5 yrs specialising in recruitment.

At home: Tabetha’s spare time is consumed by taking care and
cleaning up after her messy children and pets. Tabetha likes to eat cake and is
always on a diet.

Email: [email protected]



Business Development Manager

Background: Stacey has over 12 years experience is Sales & Marketing
across various industries; during which time she took a break to have her daughter,
and study Social Policy at Bristol University.

At home: Currently in recovery from her Twitter addiction, next to
tackle is her penchant for red wine!

Email: [email protected]

Stacey on LinkedIn



Account Manager

Background: Kirsty also manages our sister company –
Salon Recruitment, recruiting in the Hair and Beauty industry. She has over 10 years experience in sales and Recruitment.

At home: Considering rehab for her online shopping addiction, Kirsty’s time
is spent either shopping, entertaining her energetic children or thinking about what to eat next!

Email: [email protected]