What Makes a Good Recruiter? – From an Employer’s Point of View.

A great recruitment company can make a huge difference to your business – from new employees that fit perfectly with your team to the administrative support that can really take the headaches and costs out of advertising and hiring.  Below are a few tips from employers on what makes a good recruiter:

  •          The ability to promote your vacancy in the best light possible.  Essentially, this comes down to great marketing with a real understanding of your company and your recruitment needs.  Often, this comes from a personalized approach where a named consultant works with a company through every stage of the process and spends time tailoring their services and marketing strategy accordingly.
  •          A focus on finding the right match rather than just filling a minimum quota of ‘suitable’ applicants.  New online recruitment companies are quickly realizing the benefits of promising quality over quantity – some even offer guarantees based on successful appointments rather than just finding the right number of CVs.
  •          A long-term relationship – a good recruiter maintains a relationship with you far beyond the filling of a vacancy.  In fact, they should aim to serve your company for years to come, no matter what level you need to recruit for.
  •          Expert knowledge of your sector.  Sometimes, you need to go beyond generalist recruitment agencies and work with those known as being experts for your sector, particularly when seeking applicants for technical or senior roles or roles attracting an international job-seeking audience.
  •          A good balance between exciting new technologies and a human face.  Recruitment has advanced beyond recognition over the last few years and the technical and social media side has really changed the interface for both employers and job-seekers.  A great recruitment uses technology where it offers an advantage but retains a personal element when you need it

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