What Makes a Good Advert?

A job advert is a window into your business – and can greatly affect the type of applicants wishing to work for you.  It is also an advert for your brand.  Below are a few things to bear in mind when creating a great job advert:

  •          State the facts – no hidden bits.  A busy job-seeker can browse hundreds of job adverts.  A transparent advert can make the recruitment process go far more smoothly than one that leads to more questions than answers.  Regardless of profession, job hunters state that the absence of certain details such as location, whether it is home or office-based, hours, car allowance and the closing date for applications can put them off applying at all or at the very least, lead to an unnecessary telephone call.
  •          State a salary range.  As with the above, this matters a lot.  Most job seekers are looking to improve upon their existing salary and many are also looking for opportunities for progression.  Therefore a salary range is far more informative than just a starting salary.  Jobs without any salary details at all can again put off potential applicants.
  •          Sell the benefits of working for your company.  This can really make you stand out from rival companies – candidates will be drawn in if you are offering more than they were hoping for.  Great annual leave entitlements, in-house training and development, share schemes, flexible working hours, pension contributions, salary sacrifice schemes or childcare options can all impress potential employees.
  •          Related to this, promote your company ethos and values.  Ethos is an immeasurable essential – ensure that the wording and tone of your advert promotes the values that you seek in potential employees.  By doing this, you can attract those with traits that do not always come across in a standard application form.
  •          The legal bit.  The Age Discrimination Act 2006 states that it is illegal to discriminate against anyone based on their age. Consequently, don’t be tempted to include a certain amount of years experience required from a candidate.

For more tips, see http://www.businessballs.com/jobadvertswriting.htm

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