LinkedIn and Finding a New Job – How LinkedIn Can Benefit Your Career

Job-hunters today can gain huge advantages by having a professional online presence.  LinkedIn is one of the most used social networking tools out there – used by employees, employers and job-hunters worldwide.  Of course, it is easy to look this up and Google can give you lots of pointers.  However, I wanted to hear first-hand from those who have used it successfully as a job search tool.   According to the young professionals that I have spoken to, with real experience in the last few months, here are a few reasons why you should consider making your LinkedIn profile and integral part of the job search process:

  •  Connections – connect to people that you work with or meet at professional events.  The beauty of this is that you now have access to their contacts too.  If you specialize in a particular field (such as energy management), this is a great way to hear about new opportunities and developments in your field.  Alongside this is the LinkedIn news feed – full of relevant articles, postings and suggested jobs tailored to your preferences.
  •  A snappy online CV – at a glance, prospective employers can view your qualifications, professional certifications, projects and previous employers.  But it can do more than this – people that you have worked with can endorse and verify the skills that you have and perhaps most useful is the recommendations section – referees and colleagues can write a short message of recommendation/reference to support your professional accolades.
  •  A 21st Century business card – In a fast-paced, mobile sector, it is easy to lose track of useful contacts when they move posts.  By using LinkedIn you can always find their most recent contact details and track their progression.
  •  Preparing for interview – research those who will interview you, track down the head of human resources and ask for them personally when contacting the company and find out if you have grabbed their interest by monitoring if they have viewed your profile too.
  •  How to maximize your use of LinkedIn – a  few tips from those that successfully used LinkedIn to advance their career:

o   Optimise your profile for search engines – integrate keywords for your skills, industry or desired job in your personal description and skills list.

o   Join professional groups both locally and at a national/international level.

o   Have a professional photo – in smart clothes, in your work environment.

o   Use the LinkedIn Jobs App to search for opportunities advertised across the site.

o   Consider using LinkedIn Premium – this highlights your profile and moves you to the top of search results

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