January Recruitment Boom – Why January is Always the Busiest Month for Recruitment

The first three weeks of the New Year are sometimes referred to as the ‘Golden Recruitment Window’ (Source: The Staffing Advisor).  Research has shown that job searches increase by approximately 15% compared to other monthly averages.

Why is this a great time to search for a new job?

Before Christmas, companies are competing to recruit seasonal, often low-position staff.  As a result, the recruitment of specialised or permanent posts are often delayed until the new year.  This can increase the number of professional vacancies in many sectors.

Recruitment before Christmas, and in the summer, is often hindered by staff holidays which can mean that the recruitment process can be slowed due to key staff being absent.  After Christmas, workforce presence is much greater so the administration of the recruitment process is quicker.

Why is this a great time to recruit new staff?

It seems that, as well as the pool of applicants growing during January, the most noticeable pattern is the increase in highly qualified jobseekers.  Christmas and New Year are often times of reflection and a time for making new plans or resolutions.  People start to think about where their career is taking them and they may feel revived and have more time to consider an upward move.

Coupled with this is the fact that January is often a tough time financially.  People often start to consider whether their current wage is meeting their needs.  This can also be impacted by dissatisfaction with end-of-year incentives or bonuses.

In December, the size of a workforce usually reaches its peak.  Therefore, in January, there may be fewer advertised vacancies and so less competition for applicants.  This increases your chances of attracting the best candidates.

In conclusion, January is a great time for both employers and employees to reflect and consider their future needs.

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