Interview Tips for Recruiters

How can you get an interview off to a great start?

The candidate starts to form an impression of you from their first contact with your company – ensure that your application process is prompt, polite and efficient.  Get back to them in a timely manner, use headed paper and have all of the interview dates, times, tasks and forms organized far in advance of placing your advert.  Once they arrive, a candidate will go with their initial instincts as to whether your company is the right place for them – they should be welcomed into a friendly reception area and greeted warmly by any potential future colleagues.  Your appearance matters as much as theirs – model the formality expected from your company and ensure that the interview room fits with this image too.

How do you conduct a great interview?

Again, here, the key is preparation – how will you compare candidates? Do you have a checklist? A standardized set of questions? A task? Think carefully about the skills and qualities required for the role and make certain that you provide opportunities for candidates to demonstrate them.  Use open questions such as “tell me about your current post” rather than anything resulting in a short or yes/no answer.  Show interest in their previous experiences and their motivations for joining your company.

A good candidate will have prepared answers to typical interview questions so be prepared to dig deeper – see for great questions that do exactly that.  Don’t forget that their questions can be as revealing as their answers – leave plenty of time for this.

How does a good interview end?

A good interview ends with warmth, reassurance and by looking forward.  Tell your candidate what they can expect from you next in terms of when they will hear from you, thank them for their time, effort and enthusiasm and ensure that they are accompanied back to your reception when they leave.  A final step is to keep that promise and get in touch swiftly and courteously with all of your interviewees.

A great interview is the start of a positive working relationship between the successful candidate, you and your business.


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