How to prepare for a Job interview

The first most important thing you must do is take the time to analyse the job post or job description. Make a list of the needed skills and qualifications for the vacancy and then compare them to what you have to offer. Keep this list and review it before your interview so you are then ready to share it with them. Company research is a critical part of your interview preparation. It will help you to find out if the company is suitable for you and also to help answer or ask questions in the interview.

Take the time to practise interview questions and how you may answer them; the internet is a very good way of finding out regular asked questions. It will help you to get a rough idea, and to keep calm. Don’t leave it until the minute to sort your interview clothes out, make sure your well organised as the last thing you want to be worrying about is what to wear. For any job interview you want to make a good impression so dress according to the business type.

What you need to take to the interview is important; you want to make sure you have everything prepared so that when you go in you have your list of references and your list of questions. Also a copy of your CV may be needed, depending on the job you are applying for, work samples or a portfolio may be required. Make sure you know where you are going and have found directions, it is best to look this up before hand and the internet is one of the best ways with Google maps or MapQuest to find this.

During the interview good body language is key, a nice firm hand shake and making eye contact throughout will get noticed. Just make sure to pay full attention, be attentive and look interested.

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