How companies can save £££ on their recruitment cost by using online recruitment sites compared to more traditional agencies?

If you have ever tried recruiting the right candidate for a job, then you’ll know that it can be a very time consuming and costly process, with administration fees, hidden agency fees and of course, advertising fees. And due to the current economic climate, there is now increased pressure for small and even large companies to find greater time/cost effective methods in order to gain access into the talent pool of potential candidates.

Online Recruitment is one of the fastest growing methods for recruiting employees, with research showing that 91% of job seekers believe that job boards are the most valuable resource available when searching for work.  Seven Acorns are specialized in tapping into this job market and delivering you a high quality pool of candidates for a price that traditional recruitment agencies simply cannot match!

When comparing costs of traditional recruitment methods to online recruitment, it is fair to say, you are going to save a lot of money if you choose the latter! Fees for a traditional recruitment agency can start at 10% of the new candidate’s salary, and don’t forget the commission on top! For some senior roles, these agencies can charge 20%… and that is a lot of money that could be utilized better!


One innovative method that is changing the ways of recruiting is Flat Fee Recruitment, which Seven Acorns are specialists in. There are numerous benefits of this technique which have been summed up below:

  • Only one fee at the beginning of the process – no extra hidden costs along the way as you pay per vacancy;
  • Saves you time – cuts out lengthy administration processes such as having to advertise in different places (newspapers, websites, etc) and it helps streamline the CV screening and interviewing process
  • Saves you money – can save you up to 50% compared to offline recruiting, no agency fees, and cuts down on advertising fees;
  • Allows you 24/7 access to the world of online recruitment – local and global;
  • Higher quality of candidates – Seven Acorns know where to target potential candidates for your job roles, whether it is to the masses or niche market

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