Good Skills that a Human Resources Manager Should Have

The top skills and qualities for great HR managers

Great HR management is about developing those that you work with; it should facilitate progress rather than simply enforcing policy.  As well as hiring people, the people doing the hiring need to skilled in all that they do.  Here are our top skill and qualities for successful HR managers:

Be a role model – display the organization and personal management skills that you would expect of any employee or colleague.  Reply to queries promptly, organize and priorities tasks and delegate with consideration of the workloads of others.  Be punctual, respectful and efficient.  HR managers will be juggling many tasks at once involving all levels of an organization, be sure to keep an eye on the overall workings of the company and how issues are linked rather than being consumed by many individual tasks.

Communication – HR managers should be great communicators – to colleagues at all levels and in writing.  Your job is made easier if everything is communicated with clarity and transparency.  In a climate where change is constant, keeping people informed keeps you one step ahead.

Negotiation – At times you may experience conflict between protecting people and protecting the organization, between rights and responsibilities.  HR issues are often far from straight-forward and even after years of experience, there will always be new problems to deal with.  A great HR manager is a good listener and a flexible and creative negotiator.

Confidentiality – As HR is the very heart of the organization, you will have access to far more personal information than any other personnel.  As well as the legal requirements that over arch this responsibility, it is important that your working relationships, especially with those above you in status, empowers you to maintain professionalism and keep confidentiality agreements regardless of who is asking or who it affects.

Be Pro-active – HR is a dynamic and exciting field to work in.  A great HR manager can push for change rather than simply reacting to it.  Keep up to date with the latest developments for HR and pursue an CPD opportunities that will enable you to be a leading practitioner.

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