Five Benefits of Offering Your Staff Management Training

Not every manager has a management qualification, many have worked their way up to a level where they may line-manage others without any formal training.  In some ways this bottom-up process has its own advantages.  However, here are five reasons why you should offer your staff management training:

  •          Value your staff – by investing in your team, you show that want them to have a future with you and that you recognize their development needs.  This is particularly evident to staff if training occurs during working hours and if there is no inconvenience or cost to them.
  •          Help them to reach their potential and unlock hidden skills/talents – many staff may not have considered a management-based career until they are introduced to it.  You could be finding the business leaders of tomorrow, motivating staff to play an active role in the future direction of your business or uncover new skills that could take them in a completely new direction within your company.
  •          Update and refresh skills to meet the changing needs of your sector – even existing managers need continuing development – management needs and styles change as businesses change – your managers need to be equipped with the latest approaches to keep you competitive as an employer.
  •          A culture of learning and development – a company that provides academic challenges is a motivating and enthusiastic place to work.  People will be more willing to try new things and collaborate on new challenges if they have shared a learning experience.  Offering great training also makes your company attractive to new recruits and encourages longevity in your existing workforce.  Accredited training looks even more impressive.
  •          Ability to take on higher level challenges – essentially, having skilled managers allows you to feel confident in delegating downwards and shows trust in your team to manage new responsibilities.

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