Employment Statistics for 2013

Are things starting to look up for UK employment?

Yes, indeed.  The latest statistics published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) for the end of 2013 (http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/lms/labour-market-statistics/december-2013/statistical-bulletin.html) shows that unemployment is falling – the number of people in work has risen by 0.4% since the beginning of the year and is still higher than in 2012 by 0.8%.  Average rates of pay are also rising.  The biggest fall in unemployment has actually been amongst 16-24 year olds, where unemployment has fallen by 0.5% on the previous year.

So which sectors are seeing the most growth?

According to employer surveys for ONS, the greatest growth in jobs at the end of 2013 was in ‘professional, scientific and technical activities’.  This sector actually increased its workforce by 137,000 in just one year – indicating that not only is employment increasing, but also that the UK workforce is gaining in terms of skilled employees. 

There has also been considerable growth in ‘administration and support services’ as well as ‘health and social care activities’.  This shows that growth is diverse and is continuing across a range of skills and services.

Job vacancies across the UK generally are rising after a dip of several years.  This is great news for jobseekers as it means there are more companies out there seeking to expand and develop their workforce.  2014 is looking promising for the UK labour market.


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