Domicile Care Recruitment

Domicile care can be defined as ‘caring for the elderly and the physically or mentally disabled in their own home’.  As the ageing boom in the UK continues, the need for long term care for our most vulnerable members of society is reaching breaking point.  The number of people over 85 years of age is set to double in the next 20 years and government community care policies aim to reduce institutionalisation and residential care for those with disabilities.

It is therefore no surprise that domicile care recruitment is rapidly expanding to meet these needs.  The domicile care sector is looking for flexible, compassionate people who are dedicated to improving the quality of life of others.  Care agencies offer full training and flexible working hours as well as putting the welfare of their carers at the heart of what they do.  Ultimately it is a challenging but rewarding career that depends on matching the right person to the right vacancy.  This is where successful recruitment is key.

Qualifications in care are often desirable but not essential and workers in this sector come from a wide variety of different ages and backgrounds.  Therefore, in order to recruit effectively, care agencies need to advertise widely to maximise exposure.  Using online job boards is becoming the most popular way to do this.  Such adverts do generate a lot of interest and, for an individual agency, screening and processing such a large applicant field can be daunting.  Many are therefore realising the benefits of flat fee recruitment.  Flat fee recruitment companies can post and coordinate advertisements across a wide variety of the UK’s most popular job sites, screen and filter applications and even arrange interviews.  Meeting the needs of vulnerable people is getting more challenging but recruiting for carers doesn’t have to be.

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