CV Searching

Employers are becoming more and more proactive in identify and targeting potential employees. Running a CV search can help you to find those who are already looking to change jobs and may be ideal for your company. This is particularly relevant to fields in which specialist skills or experience are required. There is no longer a need for specialist head-hunters – CV searches can put this back in the hands of the individual company.

Using CV search websites, you can target the specific skills that you require. For example, if you need someone who is experienced in project management in manufacturing, you can search the library of CVs using these key terms. On some CV-search websites, results can be ranked in order of suitability and comparisons between the skills of individual candidates can be made. You can also search by qualification, location and salary requirements. CV sites can then send you the contact details of potential applicants or contact them on your behalf. There are many CV searching databases out there – in order to maximise your search results, consider companies which run CV searches across a variety of the most popular CV libraries rather than targeting each one individually – this will save time and money.

With so many different ways of advertising vacancies and finding vacancies, don’t wait for the right employee to come to you. If you know what you are looking for, CV searching could be the quickest and easiest way of finding a great employee.

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