Controversial Job Advert

It’s a risky strategy but in such a competitive economic environment, sometimes you attract the best by offering the worst! When Seven Acorns ran an advert on behalf of a web development company for a skilled graduate position for a salary of only £12,000, it caused uproar on their Facebook job board. But interestingly, the vacancy for a trainee web developer attracted 120 qualified applicants and was quickly and successfully filled. So why would someone apply for such a low salary and why would a company dare to offer it?

Well, obviously in that kind of role, the actual salary received is likely to be greater than the base rate offered and it’s a great starting point in the profession with huge potential for advancement. From the company perspective, offering such a low salary not only attracts a great deal of attention and interest, it also commands that whoever applies has ambition, a true love of the job and a willingness to work hard to get there. If used wisely and rarely, sometimes asking the ridiculous can pay off! This is why Seven Acorns agreed to post the vacancy for this company.

This is not an isolated case. Forward-thinking companies are exploring more daring and attention-grabbing ways to find the best candidates. Whilst some people could regard this as exploiting entry-level workers, when compared to graduate-level apprenticeship schemes and internships, suddenly such a low starting salary in a progressive company doesn’t seem so bad. The key is to see the bigger picture – the opportunities for training and advancement and a foot-in-the-door at a top company. If such vacancies are offered with genuine investment in the future of the successful applicant, this type of work experience can be instrumental in kick-starting an exciting career.

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