How Should a Company Sell Themselves to a Potential Candidate?

How can you ensure that your job advert is attractive to the right candidates?

An advert for a job vacancy is also an advert for your company – your brand image is important.  A clear advert with a bit of personality can make all the difference.  The role title and level should be clear.  Some also advocate being upfront about salary from the start – this is where a bit of research comes in – check the current advertised salaries for similar roles, particularly if it has been a few years since you last advertised that particular vacancy, this will also ensure that it is pitched at the right level for the expertise required and may deter those who are underqualified.

Your advert or your homepage should suggest that working for your company is a positive experience – here you can ask existing employees about factors that attracted them.  Emphasise the challenges and the career or travel opportunities.  Candidates are also attracted to companies that are expanding and growing.  However, it is also important that an ethos of fairness and strong values is portrayed.  All of this creates an enticing corporate culture.

How important is the job pack?

In this era of online recruitment, it is tempting to ask candidates to fill out an online application form.  If this works well, it can be useful.  However, many candidates are already fed up with technical errors, options that don’t fit their situation and cumbersome questionnaires.  It may be better to simply send a job pack with a simple form comprised of open questions alongside a job description and employee specification.  Here, again your branding is important.  The job description and specification should be concrete and clear with opportunities to contact them for further questions.  It can also help to tell them a bit more about the company and reinforce positive messages about life inside of the organisation.

Respect their time – send packs out promptly, acknowledge receipt of applications and contact all applicants regarding the success of their application within good time – good candidates may be snapped up elsewhere if they do not hear from you within a few weeks.

How do you impress the candidates at interview?

Interviews are a reciprocal process – the candidate is also assessing whether they would fit well with you and your organisation.  Select your interview team carefully – ideally including those who will work directly with the successful applicant, whatever their position.  Opportunities for informal chat with colleagues can help candidates to feel welcome and at ease.

A final point is the interview itself – it should be well organised with relevant questions and prompt feedback on your decisions.  LinkedIn offer great advice on this process (  Word of mouth quickly spreads whether an interview experience has been positive or negative.  The reputation of your company is based on those who experience it – here, applicants can be as important as customers.

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