Chinese Companies Look to the West for Experienced Staff

Chinese companies are rapidly realising the benefits of recruiting skilled British workers. Forward-thinking companies are now looking to UK recruitment businesses (such as Seven Acorns) to help fill their positions.

Why do Chinese companies want British workers?

China is the world’s second largest economy and is rapidly expanding.  The industrial hubs of China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Tianjin) have experienced a recent drain in senior professionals back to rural industries due to government incentives to encourage agriculture.  Therefore, in terms of skilled and senior professional workers, demand in China is greater than supply. 

The economies of the UK and China have much in common – both thrive in key sectors such as manufacturing, IT, engineering and technical product development.  For China, recruiting from the UK workforce will result in skilled and managerial workers with an understanding of both British and European markets. 

How can UK recruitment companies help Chinese businesses?

Using online recruitment companies offers many advantages compared to using individual online job boards.  Online recruitment companies can post job vacancies across the most popular online job boards in the UK as well as targeting niche markets.  Better still, some can filter applicants by the professional qualifications sought after by the Chinese market – British professional qualifications and university degrees in a huge range of sectors are well regarded and actively pursued by Chinese businesses. 

Companies such as these can co-ordinate all aspects of the recruitment process including arranging interviews.   This greatly reduces administrative time and costs for foreign businesses looking to recruit from the UK.  Some companies are now actively seeking to help businesses in China and other countries to seek skilled and professional workers from the UK.  Therefore, there is the added benefit of a company that understands foreign recruitment needs yet also has expertise in UK online recruitment.

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