Changing your Career Path, How to Pursue a Change in Career

Life is too short to try just one career, but what’s the first thing to consider when you want to make a change?

Primarily, many people wish to change careers because of dissatisfaction with their current role.  But think carefully, is it your career or just your current situation/manager/company that you are unhappy with? Could you simply make a move to something related but perhaps a different company or move from the public to private sector?

Ideally a career change should stem from the positive – a desire to reach higher, an excitement about a new passion rather than just wanting to leave your existing job.  If the draw is positive, then it’s time to take your first steps towards a very different future.

How do you change careers?

Firstly, examine the things that you have enjoyed in your current and previous jobs – is there a pattern? Consider your hobbies and interest – would you still enjoy them as much if your finances depended on them? How much would you need to earn to support the lifestyle that you want? Are you willing to earn less? Would you be able to pay to retrain?

A positive move is to next list your skills and capabilities as well as those that you are keen to develop. Even a radical departure can feel easier if you bring with you transferable skills.  If you have yet to narrow your search, use careers and job websites – search by general themes such as ‘mental health’ or ‘marketing’ – you may discover roles that you never knew existed.

Seek work experience – fit it around your current work or use a bit of annual leave to shadow someone for a few days.  Talk to people who work in or with your ideal role and read as much about it as you can.  You may also be able to take courses towards your new career by distance learning or in a way that fits around your current role.  Finally, don’t be put off if your first line of research does not work out – there is a world of opportunity out there, the first step is to start exploring.

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