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Why is there a skills shortage in China today?

Since 2010, China has been experiencing a significant labour shortage.  Due to government subsidies and investment in farming, many skilled and higher level workers (who had previously moved to urban areas of China to find work), are now moving back to family farming industries in rural areas leaving a shortage in the cities. (

Why are Chinese companies seeking British workers for senior job roles?

Many Chinese companies are now approaching the British labour market to recruit professional roles.  China is the second biggest economy on the planet and plays host to the Asian headquarters of some of the worlds’ most successful multinational companies, therefore, there is a pressing need to develop and expand their business links with other major economies such as the United Kingdom.  Britain and China both excel in sectors such as manufacturing, engineering and technical product development which means that firm links across both nations can really benefit progress in these and many other areas.

What are the benefits to Chinese companies of employing senior British staff?

British professional qualifications across many sectors such as engineering, IT, technical product development, finance, teaching and the media are well-known and well-respected.  Our university system is also admired with forward-thinking companies actively recruiting those with good degrees from British Universities at the cutting edge of their field.  As economic leaders in Europe, British workers come with a strong understanding of transnational trading and are well-placed to support Chinese companies within this competitive market.  Recruitment companies in China are now teaming up with those in the UK to move their companies forward and expand the diversity and skills-base of their workforce.

What are the advantages of working in China for British professionals?

Cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Tianjin form the industrial and technical hubs of China.  Therefore there is an established international community here to welcome British workers.  Speaking the language is an advantage but not essential – some companies offer employment packages that include lessons in speaking Mandarin.  Indeed, language courses for business professionals are also easily obtained in the many language schools across these cities.  The use of English is now rapidly growing amongst the younger population in China – most workers can get by without a second language in the major cities. 

For the British professional, working in China can be a huge boost to their CV – offering the chance to develop the communication and business skills necessary for success across the globe.  Rates of pay are generally good with support offered with housing and transport as well as excellent links between British and Chinese embassies.

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