Avoid Common Recruitment Problems

Choosing how to recruit and who to recruit with can be stressful.  We have put together some tips to help you to avoid some of the most common problems that companies encounter when trying to find new staff:

* Unsuccessful adverts – with some recruitment companies, if a post is not filled the first-time around, you have to pay again for a second attempt.  Consider this when choosing which recruitment company to use.  Some now offer money back guarantees and/or offer to run an advert a second time free of charge.  This is a key consideration if you think that a post may not be easy to fill.

* A rushed recruitment process – successful hiring takes time. Constructing an advert is not the first stage of the process.  Go back to the drawing board and your workforce strategy for the next few years.  Design a role that has longevity and meets the needs of your future business as well as its’ present state.  Ensure that you design your person specification carefully around the ethos and values of your company.  Be prepared to run an advert for at least a month and be prepared to extend the application deadline if the candidate field at the closing date is not strong enough.

* Forgetting the person behind the qualifications – always look beyond a CV.  A personal statement gives an indication of personality and values but the interview itself is the best way to know if someone will fit with your company and your existing employees.  A good candidate should shine at interview.  Ensure that you give everyone plenty of time to do this – time to mingle over coffee and lunch, co-operation or problem-solving tasks and the chance to show what they could bring to the role.  Rapport can often mean much more than a fully-ticked job specification.

* Using costly recruitment agencies – do your research.  There are more recruitment agencies to choose from than ever before.  With increasing numbers comes increasing competition.  This is great news for employers as this means that costs are coming down.  Companies that use modern search tools and social media have streamlined and refined recruitment procedures to offer excellent value for money and in the most far-reaching way.  Look out for packages – often a real money-saver compared to tailoring every part of the process.

* Producing an unrealistic advert – try not to be too demanding.  No-one will have exactly the same credentials as the person leaving your current post.  Sometimes it pays to give less experienced applicants a chance to bring fresh ideas and a new direction to an established role.  Skills gaps can be filled with a bit of training but a great colleague is harder to find.

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