Advantages of Advertising Across Multiple Job Boards

Put simply, by advertising across multiple online job boards, you maximise your audience. Another major advantage of using multiple job boards is that you can access a range of CV databases. CV searching is becoming an effective way of sourcing skilled potential employees who are already actively searching for work.

With recruitment companies that specialise in posting and coordinating your advert across the most popular sites, using multiple job boards can be as simple and easy, and much more effective, than just using one. Most online job boards lean towards advertisements and databases for particular sectors. Therefore, they can lack representative readership – it can be hard to predict which sites will be used by the people most likely to suit your vacancy.

Choosing which job boards to use can also be daunting. Job boards alone are great for increasing exposure but it all relies on both advertisers and jobseekers using them effectively. By using a company that can help you advertise across multiple job boards, you don’t have to be a recruitment specialist to find that ideal candidate. Such companies have a dedicated team who can help with designing adverts, screening and filtering applicants from multiple sites and arranging interviews. Flat fee recruitment is the most cost effective option if you want to move beyond a single job board and it would save the administration time of juggling more than one yourself.

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